If you are new to twitter or to twitter chats, the idea of participating in an online conversation might be a bit confusing. Even experienced twitter users can at times feel overwhelmed by the pace of a chat session. In order to make the most out of our #pypchats, we have gathered the following tips and ideas for our participants.
  • Don't feel compelled to read each individual tweet.
  • Respond to tweets which resonate with you by replying to these comments.
  • Include #pypchat within your tweet.
  • If you normally protect your twitter account, you will need to unprotect your account for your comments to be included in the archive. Protect your account again afterwards.
  • Some participants prefer to use online twitter services such as Twitterfall, Tweetgrid or Tweetdeck which organize their chats (please see below for descriptions).


TweetDeck arranges your twitter feed into columns, where you can view multiple chats and people you follow.

TweetGrid will organize your twitter feed into a grid and is able to conduct up to 9 searches simultaneously.

Twitterfall organizes your feed into columns as well, but you may adjust the speed of the twitter flow in the settings.