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Discussion questions:

Q1. What does collaborative planning look like at your school? Who collaborates? How often?
Q2. What is the purpose of collaborative planning?
Q 3 How do we ensure that despite collaborative planning, a unit of inquiry unfolds differently in every class?
Q4. How is collaborative unit planning representative of the professional learning community in your school?
Q5. How do you encourage and support participation by all ?
Q6. How/with whom do you collaborate when you are the only teacher in a year level or subject area?
Q7. How often and how collaboratively do you review your school POI?
Q8. What does collaborative reflection look like in your school?
Q8a. How would you like it to look?
Q9. What role do administrators play in the collaboration process?
Q10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of including more people in collaborative planning?
Q11. Who drives the collaborative planning processes in your school?
Q12. What have you learnt from unsuccessful collaborative planning?
Q13. How can you achieve successful collaborative planning with large year level teams?Resources


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