The following are the resources relating to our #pypchat about concept driven learning. Click here to read the archived conversation.
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Lynn Erickson at IB Conference 2011

Go to this site and download the PDF summary document entitled: Concepts and Thinking Skills. Although it is more MYP focussed it is relevant for PYP and speaks to new design of the MYP as ithe Areas for Learning will become the what PYPers call the Trans. Skills...

Kathy Short´s article Inquiry as a Stance. Helps to remind us about focussing on the big ideas or concepts of the unit, rather than the content alone!

This is one of my personal favourites: shared at atl least three PYP workshops that I’ve attended.

Concepts vs Topics by Maggie Hos McGrane

What’s the Big Idea?

Thinking Big - A conceptual framework for the study of everything. by Marion Brady

Rethinking Instructional Delivery for Diverse Student Populations: Serving All Learners with Concept-Based Instruction by Jan D. McCoy and Leanne R. Ketterlin-Geller

Student created movie trailers about the concepts:

Concept Chatterboxes from the ProDivas

SoundCloud - a great social network for sounds - have used it with the chatterboxes for students to talk about concepts at beginning, mid & end of unit.

Concept Cartoons by @whatedsaid on ToonDoo: perspective reflection change connection function form causation responsibility

Book resource - A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink

Create a Capacity Matrix based on the concepts - example shared by ErwinDumenden

Abstract Art and Science - a great blog post by @dwyerteacher about conceptual understanding

Concept driven learning in action by @whatedsaid