#pypchat 26th July, 2012 We discussed Action in the PYP. Click here to read the archived conversation.

Discussion Questions:

Q1. What does student initiated action look like ?
Q2. What does action look like at different ages?
Q3. How is student action recorded?
Q4. Is action assessed and reported on? How?
Q5. How is action modeled and valued by teachers and parents?
Q6. How is action celebrated in your school community?
Q7. How does reflection inspire action?
Q8. How does a conceptual curriculum support action?
Q9. What is inquiry's relationship to action?
Q10. How are skills scaffolded so students have capacity to take action?


Please add links to blogs, articles and other resources relating to action here:

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Some good reads:
The World Needs Your Kid by Craig Kielburger
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