8 May - Professional Learning

  1. How do you keep current with issues in education? #pypchat
  2. What's been your most memorable professional learning experience in the past year? #pypchat
  3. How much release time does your school permit for professional learning? #pypchat
  4. What makes a professional learning experience worthwhile for you? #pypchat
  5. What book has made a real difference to your practice? #pypchat
  6. How do topics outside of education inspire you? #pypchat
  7. What qualities do you look for in a PLN? #pypchat
  8. How might IB workshops be improved to meet everyone’s needs? #pypchat
  9. How do you share your learning with others in your school? #pypchat
  10. Can you recommend any video clips or other resources to provoke thinking in PD sessions? #pypchat
  11. How do you promote/encourage learning in other educators? #pypchat

Please share any resources related to this topic
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A great You Tube video made by jasongraham99 about #pypchat
10 principles of effective professional learning @whatedsaid
5 misconceptions about professional learning @whatedsaid
Australian Institute for teaching and school leadership