7 Nov 2013

Getting kids to care

Read Sam Sherratt's post for inspiration and background-

Guiding questions for the chat

  1. How can we help kids ‘learn to look’ and 'be in awe' of the world around them? #pypchat
  2. How can we encourage students to care about the world around them? #pypchat
  3. How can we empower students without having them feel burdened by responsibility? #pypchat
  4. How do we ensure teaching and learning are focused towards the future? #pypchat
  5. What can we do to promote meaningful action as result of kids really caring, rather than just tokenism? #pypchat
  6. How do we provide authentic engagement for Ss to help them develop empathy? #pypchat


The Power of a simple provocation by Sam Sherratt
Wonderopolis -
The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly.
Right to Play
Free the Children
Life Lessons, Learning through experience - post in Explore Life Coaching (refers to the What? So What? Now What? reflective process)

Reading fiction promotes empathy - blog post by CogSci Librarian
The ethics of care and education - Nel Noddings
A Sincere Compliment - video describing how a group of high school students used twitter to use kindness to overcome cyberbullyingmin school community
Capturing Kids Hearts

It’s awe or nothing…


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