Questions for #pypchat Sept 20, 2017
How do you create a community of learners in your classroom?

  1. How have you used essential agreements? How do you create these with students?
  2. How can we use the Learner Profile and Attitudes to create a community of learners?
  3. What role does the environment play in building a community of learners?
  4. By cultivating student agency how can we build a community of learners?
  5. How might documentation based on collaboration support a community of learners?
  6. In what ways can team-teaching model a community of learners for our students?
  7. What are some resources you can share that helped you and your colleagues understand what it means to teach in a PYP school?

Resources Shared:
Dive Into Inquiry: Amplify Learning and Empower Student Voice by Trevor Mackenzie
The Curious Classroom: 10 Structures for Teaching with Student-Directed Inquiry by Harvey "Smokey" Daniels
Kath Murdoch's books